Thursday, July 7, 2011

Crocheted Remote Holder with Pattern

I'm ALWAYS losing the remote for the tv, so I figured if I made something to keep it in I wouldn't lose it so much (we'll see).  Monday I made this, and thought I would share the pattern in case anyone is interested.  It's super simple and easy, and doesn't take long at all to make.
WW yarn in 2 complimentary colors (I used Vanna’s Choice)
H hook, and F hook
Needle and thread

In main color, Ch. 40
Row 1:  ch 2, dc across
Row 2-3:  ch2, (2 bpdc, 2 fpdc)x10
Rows 4-33:  repeat rows 1-3, 10 times
Finish off, weave in ends
Fold up to make front flap with first 12 rows
Starting at bottom right corner, sl st through front flap and back flap, all the way up and around to the other side; finish off, weave in ends
In contrast color, starting in bottom right corner, (2 sc, ch2, 4 dc in next stitch of main color) repeat all the way around; finish off, weave in ends

Flowers (make 3 in contrast color and 1 in main color[using F hook])
8 sc in magic ring
Ch 2, 4dc in first stitch, sc, ch 2, 4dc in next stitch, sc, ch 2, 4dc in next stitch, sc, ch 2, 4dc in next stitch, sl st; finish off, weave in ends

With matching thread, sew smaller flower in main color onto a flower in contrast color.  Sew flowers on top right-hand corner of flap.

And there you have it!
 I also wanted to add a pic of something from my son.  Mister made me the bracelet on the right...all by himself!  I made the one on the left for him with beads that he picked out for me (green is his favorite color).


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